The services we provide through Apryle Showers are meant to help cancer patients and their families restore hope during their treatment journey for all forms of cancer. These services are intended to foster nourishment, healing, restoration, and peace to our beneficiaries when they need it most. While these services are personalized to the individual and their unique needs, we’ve been able to set up ongoing relief systems that can help make a patient’s path to recovery a little brighter. If you would like to get help in these areas or are able to give help in these areas, please contact us.

Recovery Retreats

There is no time like the present. Despite the lack of energy, desire or availability to take a break while undergoing cancer treatment, now is when you need it most. Our retreats offer beneficiaries respite from the treatment process to take stock in themselves. Their surroundings. Their family and friends. Beneficiaries enjoy time at the beach, feet in the sand and salt in the air.

We offer private retreats in oceanfront hotels or condominiums. Our unique model allows home owners of beachfront or waterfront properties that are often rented as vacation homes the opportunity to donate their property for use by our beloved beneficiaries. We also partner with local hotels, restaurants and spas to provide products and services for a replenishing and memorable experience. Currently, we are only able to serve beneficiaries in the five-county area surrounding Jacksonville, FL.

Our beneficiaries know firsthand the difference a retreat can make. You can view some of their testimonials here.