“Our vacation to Sanibel started with meeting Mindy. She had packed us a cooler and a bag of treats. The cooler had all of our favorite drinks along with fruit and yogurt. The bag had flip flops, candles, sunscreen and much more.

We arrived in Sanibel and checked into the beautiful Sundial Resort and Spa. Cathy got us a two bedroom condo with amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico. She was sure to get us hooked up with paddle boarding and kayaking. Both were right on the beach in front of the resort. One of the days Cathy got us set up at the Spa. Tina and Haley got pedicures, while I got a 1-hour massage.Throughout the trip, we had a great time. Lots of pictures and making great memories as well as some needed relaxation.

I feel very lucky to have met the people that support Apryle Showers. What an amazing gift after a difficult year fighting cancer. I believe Apryle would be proud of what her friends and family are doing in her name. Thanks, Mindy and Cathy for a great getaway with my family. You guys have both been extremely positive. I’m glad you’re on my side as I continue through the fight.”

-Pat Taaffe

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