“It has been such a stressful year trying to manage all of my treatments on top of working. I went through this journey without family or my close friends because I moved to the area shortly before my diagnosis. I wore superhero shirts to my treatment days. I was introduced to the Apryle Showers Foundation by going to a prom, which was my first opportunity to connect with people that truly understood my fight and we danced without judgment with smiles throughout the night.

It’s been hard being able to spend as much time with my son as I wanted to throughout my journey. I had never heard of Hammock Beach Resort. I am thankful for the opportunity to step away from being a “patient” and get to be Jade again. I learned to be thankful more than I have in my life. The things we don’t think about, like someone to carry my luggage and park my car. These things brought light to me because I didn’t have to feel the exhaustion.

Four days full of fun! Jaden and I took this time to laugh and play as much as possible. We sat looking out at the water. He said, “Mom, I love the horizon!” I got to get the first massage of my life! For once, in all of this past year, I had a much-needed break. A break from the constant appointments, a break from feeling like I wasn’t enough as one person to get through this all. I am thankful that the Apryle Showers Foundation chose me to have this gift of relaxation. It has truly been a blessing for us. Thank you again!”

-Jade Nunn

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