For over two years we’ve carried on Apryle’s mission with love and faith, and the support of so many wonderful people. The testimony of each beneficiary gives us encouragement and reinforces the need that Apryle recognized during her own treatment. To help us reach more people in need, the Apryle Showers Foundation decided to make some marketing investments and we’re glad we did!

Earlier this year, Apryle Showers began partnering with Hen House Marketing on a new website design and Co3 Marketing on a marketing communications plan. Both Holly (Hen House Marketing) and Stephanie (CO3) have been tremendous partners in sharing their expertise and passion with our foundation. Below are just two of the countless improvements they have made to our foundation:

If you’ve been following Apryle Showers for a while you’ll notice we’ve made a pivot from pink to purple. The purple ribbon brings awareness to all cancers and is a better reflection of Apryle Showers since we serve people (ages 30-55) undergoing treatment for any type of cancer. This decision was solidified when we went back to Apryle’s original sketch of the logo and realized she colored the umbrella purple (not pink). The moment we realized this is not easy to put into words, but as you can imagine, it felt like a destined decision.

With a refreshed color we also began working on the logo. After lots of input and careful consideration, we decided on adding the words “Restoring Hope” to the Apryle Showers logo to help build the brand, awareness, and understanding of our mission. We’ll continue to offer services that foster hope, healing, restoration, and peace; but if Apryle Showers is known for one thing, we want to be known for “Restoring Hope”. Having stood side-by-side with Apryle, there was a point in our journey when each of us began to lose hope. As humans, we all have a breaking point. When hope is lost, it’s a very dark place. Thankfully, our faith in Jesus restored our hope and Apryle’s favorite Bible verse, Romans 15:13, says it all. Regardless of the outcome, Apryle Showers exists to Restore Hope.

Many thanks to Holly, her team, and Stephanie for their great work and partnership!

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